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Dr. Samuel Gilmore

Dr. Samuel Gilmore was born and raised in Salisbury, N.C. on December 26, 21934 to Reverend George and Annabelle Gilmore.

He was the second youngest of six children. As a child, he would help his father in their garden, where he developed a love and skill for horticulture. He began to work for a woman in town, named Ms. Foster, who grew flowers for local florist shops. Samuel graduated from Price Highschool in Salisbury, N.C. and served in the Air Force from 1954–1958. In the fall of 1958, Samuel left the military and attended Livingston College in North Carolina. After a brief time in school, Samuel returned to the military and was stationed in Texas, Korea, and Arizona before parting after 10 years of service.

Upon leaving the military, Samuel attended and graduated from aeronautics school in Philadelphia and went on to work for Eastern Airlines in New York as an aircraft mechanic. In 1973, Samuel was saved and delivered by Jesus Christ in Brooklyn, N.Y. under the direction of Apostle Johnnie Washington. He then attended and graduated from Macedonia Theological Seminary school with a doctorate degree. Dr. Samuel Gilmore is currently a pastor in a five-fold ministry, Agape Love in Action Ministries, located in South Jamaica, Queens. His mission is to help lay the foundation to God’s kingdom by making disciples out of all nations, organizing families, and developing communities all over the word. These communities will run self-sufficiently and serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Phone: 917-231-7646

Facebook: Samuel Gilmore

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