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Malcolm Boyd

Malcolm hails from the mile high city of Denver, Colorado.

He loves pretty much anything with an engine and wheels. He is a semi-retired Class A welder/mechanic. When he got tired of working for others, he opened a car repair service in Colorado. The business went well and paid the bills, until he got tired of hiding dirty fingernails every time he was away from the shop.

Until he discovered writing, his favorite thing to do was fix, repair, and tinker with any kind of mechanical gadget. He has built several high-performance motorcycles and has restored classic cars. However, one day he woke up and said, “I’m going to reinvent myself.” He took some time off and wrote his first, but not only, published novel, One Way In, No Way Out. He started his own publishing company, Three-Legged Elephant, and wrote his first children’s book. Since then, he has earned his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card, and he was honored last year with a nomination at the Softies Short film awards for best supporting actor. Not wanting to wait for the movie studios, he is currently in the process of making his novel into a movie. Be on the lookout for One Way In, No Way Out, the movie, coming soon.  


Phone: 415-405-6619


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